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Thursday, September 22nd - Sunday, September 24th, 2022

Time for relationship

A time to relax and unwind

The mission of our marriage ministry is to cultivate and foster the desire and communication of marriage that God presents in His word.

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Time for yourself

Experience The Word Of God

Julius and Theresa Toney are on a mission to help strengthen and encourage God's divine purpose and principles of marriage to other couples.

God began to use Julius and Theresa to foster a safe environment for transparent conversations while being guided by the Holy Spirit.

Their goal is to help bring clarity during tough discussions & providing feedback through the Word of God.


Quiet and nestled getaway with breathtaking views. A short getaway to relax, and rejuvenate.


Beautiful hotel and resort with dining and spa. Spacious rooms and magnificent scenery.


Couples trivia, exercises to foster trust and team-building; as well as completing puzzles together.

You Are My Safe Haven Marriage Conference
in Ogden, Utah

Describing what being a safe haven looks like from the perspective of a wife and that of a husband.

Thursday, September 22

6:00 pm: Prayer
6:15 pm: Love Language Quiz
6:30 pm: “Are you my safe haven?”- Female Perspective
7:15 pm: Do You Trust Me? Exercise
7:30 pm: “Are you my safe haven?”- Male Perspective
8:15 pm: Q&A
8:30 pm: Prayer

Friday, September 23

6:00 pm: Prayer
6:15 pm: Can We Connect? | Prize 
6:45 pm: "Are You My Safe Haven?" - Scriptural Foundation
7:30 pm: Bible Trivia | Prize
8:30 pm: Prayer

Saturday, September 24

6:00 pm: Dance
7:00 pm: Dinner
8:00 pm: Renewing of vows | Certificate of Renewal

Sunday, September 25 | Church On The Rize

10:30 am: Praise & Worship
11:00 am: Minister Julius Toney

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Our goal is to create an environment that is conducive to visual as well as the physical application of God's principles; establishing tangible goals and behaviors that will improve love and communication for long-term results of happiness and genuine oneness.

Frequently asked Questions About the Retreat

You've got questions? We've got answers.

Is this just for couples who have major problems?

No, just the opposite. This retreat is for couples who want to better adjust  to the challenges of marriage with the Word of God to strengthen them and make their relationship better.

Do we have to share details of our relationship with other people attending the retreat?

Of course not. We respect your privacy and would not want you to feel uncomfortable in any way. We arrange spaces for couples to talk with each other. However, you may find sharing your story is a good way to discover you are not alone and gain support from others with similar experiences.

Will there by lectures?

No, the weekend is designed for couples to have fun, reconnect and enjoy each other while having time to experience games, exercises, and fellowship with other couples.

Love Language Quiz - A short quiz to understand how you and your spouse receive love to better inspire change in your relationship more effectively, by using tools catered to each other.
Do You Trust Me? - Trust building exercises to dig deeper in an effort to remove doubt and hindrances that prevent true love and affection from being received and shown.
Can We Connect? - An interactive puzzle exercise to foster a coming together of the minds as one to succeed.
Bible Trivia - a  lighthearted take on feeding your spirit and relationship with the Word of God through Bible trivia centered around scriptures pertaining to love, marriage, communication, and trust.
A Love Renewed - A dance and renewing of vows for those who want a refreshing change in their marriage.

Can we bring our children?

Unfortunately no. We do not offer childcare. This is a time to take a break from parenting and focus on your relationship.

Why is it so expensive?

We understand couples don't get away often, so we do our best to find venues with nice amenities and that provide comfortability. For some couples, the retreat also serves as their vacation so we want to make this getaway memorable and special.

Meet the Toneys

God began to use Julius and Theresa to foster a safe environment for transparent conversations while being guided by the Holy Spirit.

Julius and Theresa Toney

Julius Toney

Veteran, Co-Founder of T& T Ministries

Julius joined the U.S. Army in 2005 and was commissioned as an Officer after graduating from Methodist University in 2014 with a BS in Clinical/ Counseling Psychology.

Julius currently serves as a Logistics Management Specialist and works to support units by supplying transportation and equipment for day-to-day operations.

Julius enjoys working out with his wife, Theresa and being a spiritual role model and father to their two sons.

Julius Toney Founder TT Ministries

Theresa Toney

Founder of T&T Ministries, Stay at Home Mom

Theresa is a graduate from Auburn University-Montgomery with a BS in Justice & Public Safety, concentration in Legal Studies.

 Before becoming a stay at home of two, Theresa worked in the Property Management Industry for over six years and is currently pursuing her Real Estate license in the state of Alabama.

Theresa enjoys planning activities and setting romantic atmospheres to create experiences of love; not just moments, because experiences lead to lifelong memories and deeper expressions of what love can be. 

Theresa Toney founder TT Ministries


Julius and Theresa Toney are on a mission to help strengthen and encourage God's divine purpose and principles of marriage to other couples. Please join the mission.

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