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Time for Each other

The Marriage Ministry

Our goal is to encourage couples to partner in active faith with an intentional focus on keeping both their marriage and church relationships strong.

Promoting healthy marriages

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Julius and Theresa Toney

The Toneys

What we believe

Your Marriage is Worth the Attention

You may be motivated by prevention, growth, or repair and need a space to find understanding.  You may need to periodically take time away from your busy schedules in order to reconnect. Practice giving your marriage the attention it deserves.  Our events offer space to reconnect and celebrate the love that you have for each other.

Your partnership deserves increased intimacy and good communication. Give yourself the opportunity to join other couples who have God-centered relationships. Give your marriage, and yourselves the opportunity to become unified in your passion for God and His word.

Marriage Retreat Leaders

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T&T Ministries Genesis 2:18

Why We Do The Work

For couples who are considering working on their marriage.

The Most Common Reasons Why Couples Attend:

Is your marriage in crisis?
You've waited a long time to deal with issues that need help
Has there been infidelity?
Is one of you committed while the other is distracted?
Do you want to learn how to nurture your relationship?
Do you want to learn the skills to communicate better?
T&T Ministries Collossias 3:14

The Benefits Of Doing The Work

When it's time to focus on the marriage, not either of you.

Attending a Marriage Retreat Is Life Changing:

Change of scenery to create a meaningful experience
Quality time singularly focused on your relationship
Practical, tangible, and actionable skills to strengthen the relationship
A time to reconnect, rekindle the spark, and renew your love.
Safe environment to talk about sensitive and vulnerable topics
Faith-based support for complicated people in complicated marriages.

Our Family

Julius and Theresa are proud parents of Julius Jr. and Julian.

Why We Do The Work

The Toneys Julius and Theresa


Julius and Theresa Toney are on a mission to help strengthen and encourage God's divine purpose and principles of marriage to other couples. Please join the mission.

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